Touring cities - San Francisco, Midwest, East Coast

While on tour I provide a comfortable incall for our time together. Please feel free to bring a desired beverage or refreshment of your liking, anything to make our time more enjoyable.

  • 1 hour - $600    Our escapade
  • 1.5 hrs - $850    Thirst Quencher
  • 2 hrs   -  $1100    A bit more time...
  • 3 hrs   -  $1500   Cocktails and Appetizer
  • 4 hrs   -  $1800  Proper Dinner Date
  • 6 hrs   -  $2200  Dinner, Theater, Dessert
  • 12 - 14 hrs-  $3500  Daytime Adventure
  • Overnight - $3800 Dinner through breakfast, you and me.
  • 24 hours - $4500 Anything we want
  • Weekend - $8500  2.5 days of everything

Outcall while on tour, please add $100

Any date 3 hours or longer, please plan 1/2 of the time outside of the room. In the event discretion is key, please add $200 to the consideration, refreshments will be ordered via room service. Dates beyond 4 hours are for established clientele only, please inquire - I will respond with enthusiasm and anticipation towards seeing you again!

"Fly Me To You"

In the event you would like to whisk me away, I'm all ears. I love to travel with a gentleman when there is compatibility, we have met previously and enjoy each others company.

Museum/Dinner Date      6 hours       $3200

     Daytime Adventure     12 hours       $4500

        All Day and Night     24 hours       $5600

    Weekend - I'm Yours   3 days/2 nights   $9500 


Cancellations: I understand life takes twists and turns. In the event of a cancellation 48 hours before our time on your part please plan on paying 100% of the consideration within a week.  I am very low volume, plan my time accordingly with you in mind. Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter. In the event I cancel,  I only do so in your best interest and will let you know promptly. This rarely if ever occurs.