Frequently Asked Questions

Do you tour or travel?

Currently I fly to visit you per request and very much enjoy doing so! Will add visits here and there beginning of 2019. If you would like notice, please send me your email address, I'll add you to my mailing list. DC, Chicago, Bay Area and Boston are currently on my radar.

I am very private, must I follow your screening process?

I value my safety, it is my top priority. I'm a very private person myself, however I must verify who you are before I meet you. All information is 100% confidential and will never be shared. I will protect you as I do myself, discretion on all levels is understood to be of the utmost importance.

What will you wear on our date?

My dress is classic, yet sexy leaning towards conservative. I will fit in anywhere we go an not draw attention "while at the same time turning heads". After our initial meeting, any requests for attire will be gladly accommodated. Casual attire can be requested - jeans, chucks and a t-shirt can suffice.

Do you provide an incall?

If needed, I am more than willing to arrange a comfortable incall in Las Vegas for an additional fee and prior notice. While on tour I always secure a beautiful location for our time together.

Are your rates negotiable?

No, never.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash only, in a discreet envelope left on the bathroom counter. For longer dates together, I have other means to accommodate. Please inquire.

Would you send me photos of your face?

I am a very private person, anonymity is for my sake as well as yours. My life outside of this profession is full and varied. That said I am told my photos don't do me justice, people are struck by my presence when we do meet.

Would you consider seeing someone under 40?

Yes, although rarely. I do prefer mature and discerning gentlemen, that said have found this to be about the person, not their age. Contact me, I’ll screen and we can go from there.